Path2Buy is a practical road map to Homeownership

Frequently Asked Questions About The Path2Buy Program

If you have a question not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us at 847-970-4245

Is there a cost to me?

For the homebuyer, Path2Buy is a free service.

Can I set my own meter?

Your meter is set during a consultation with your coach.

Can my Path2Buy Certified Partner refer me a Realtor?

Yes. We encourage Path2Buy Partners to develop professional relationships with trusted Realtors.

Can I adjust my own Path2Buy Meter?

No, but you will see the targets. Your coach controls your meter because lending standards and regulations are subject to change, which could affect your meter. If you do have a dramatic change in your circumstances, such as a cash windfall, you will want to contact your coach so your meter can be reset to reflect your new reality.

If I plan to buy, but not for several years, will a Path2Buy Partner still work with me?

Not a problem. It's not unusual for clients to have challenges that may require several years to resolve, so our Path2Buy Partners have the training and resources to manage clients over multi-year time horizons.

Am I obligated to use the Path2Buy Partner for my mortgage?

You're under no obligation. However, experience has shown that a Path2Buy Partner already familiar with a homebuyer's finances and readiness-to-buy can offer deeper insights into your situation and may provide a higher level of service to you as a borrower.

What if I'm a victim of the foreclosure mess? Can I still enroll in the Path2Buy program?

We welcome the opportunity to help you put your foreclosure in the past and return to homeownership. The main difference in your situation is that your timeframe will be longer. But putting the present period to work by improving your readiness-to-buy will return you to the ranks of homeownership as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What if I don't have a Path2Buy Partner yet?

You can use the Path2Buy Partner locater tool on this website to find a certified Path2Buy Partner near you.